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About me

Tiago Malta

I help busy, overwhelmed women lose up to 30lb in 12 weeks

Without tons of cardio or food restrictions

This is why I do what I do…

My wife was my first client ever. Once I started learning, I started helping her with weight loss and fitness.

But I must say, she is to this day the most difficult client I ever had.

Being my wife, she had no filter around me and complained a lot! And that was great!

Because I learned so much from her about the specific challenges that women face, I became a better professional. And I decided to help other women that faced the same problems.

It is my purpose is to help others move through doubt and fear to discover their confidence so they can feel comfortable in their own skin and enjoy life to its fullest.

Latest posts

What Happens When You Eat Junk Food For A Month And How To Eat Better

Me and my wife ate mostly junk food for a bit more than a month time at the end of 2020. Now, we did not do this because we wanted, but it was kind of a necessity. We were renovating our kitchen, and with the pandemic, there were not many alternatives, especially since we did underestimate a bit! ...
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How to do push ups – a beginners guide

While easy for some, push-ups still represent a challenge for beginners that have low upper body strength. In my experience, push-ups are especially hard on woman, even in some that train regularly, because very little emphasis is put on the upper part of the body, due to the fear of getting to much ...
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How much protein do I need

On the topic of nutrients, protein is probably the most adored. At least it never received the hate that carbs and fats got over the years. But there are still those who still think only bodybuilders should worry about eating a lot of protein. I hope those days come to an end, as more than ever we h ...
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mushrooms and other prepared vegetables

How to calculate my caloric needs

There are several ways to start a review of our dietary choices – some more analytical, others more subjective. I personally enjoy numbers. And although there is more to a healthy diet than calories in calories out, I believe it is helpful to start looking at some numbers and be aware of what ...
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squat options

The Bodyweight Squat – a guide

The squat is quite a natural movement. We kind of squat to sit in chairs every day, or when we want to grab something from the floor. But not all of us get to master it correctly. Today’s guide aims to teach you the steps to a good squat and the different levels you can achieve, plus some tips to ...
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How to make a daily routine for fitness (plus some added advice)

The hardest part of exercise is sticking to it. Everybody knows it. You can follow countless personal trainers and fitness models on social media, pay an extremely overpriced gym membership and buy the fanciest equipment. None of this will matter if you don’t stick to a routine. If you think of it ...
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Start Small

Whether you are new to fitness, or an experienced athlete, there is an adequate starting point for you

Build up

My programs are focused on step by step progress mainly by building small habits on top of each other

Get to the top

Keep evolving and getting better until you achieve your goals. And get new ones

Only by challenging yourself

you will be your best version