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Muscle up

You might already know HIIT – High-Intensity Interval Training. It has been glamorized for years now and used mostly by women in their efforts to lose weight. HIIT, when used right, does have some benefits – it is one type of exercise that can really boost weight loss. But the point here is

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Lunge with Bicep Curl Body Composition

The goal of this guide is to help you navigate the clutter of information available and provide you with a clear path to change your physique with body composition exercises. We will cover: what body composition actually is, examples of body composition vs weight, how to track body composition, best

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While easy for some, push-ups still represent a challenge for beginners that have low upper body strength. In my experience, push-ups are especially hard on woman, even in some that train regularly, because very little emphasis is put on the upper part of the body, due to the fear of getting to much

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squat options

The squat is quite a natural movement. We kind of squat to sit in chairs every day, or when we want to grab something from the floor. But not all of us get to master it correctly. Today’s guide aims to teach you the steps to a good squat and the different levels you can achieve, plus some tips to

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