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Bell Pepper Losing Inches but not weight

Losing Inches but Not Weight – How to Change This?

I get this question a lot, usually from female clients. It does not surprise me, because for years the fitness industry marketed programs and solutions that focused on weight.
The funny thing is that when someone says “I’m losing inches but not weight” that is actually a good thing. Probably the best that can happen and sometimes even difficult to achieve.
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Muscle up

HIRT Training Program – What It Is and How to Do It

You might already know HIIT – High-Intensity Interval Training. It has been glamorized for years now and used mostly by women in their efforts to lose weight. HIIT, when used right, does have some benefits – it is one type of exercise that can really boost weight loss. But the point here is ...
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Lunge with Bicep Curl Body Composition

Body Composition Exercises Guide

The goal of this guide is to help you navigate the clutter of information available and provide you with a clear path to change your physique with body composition exercises. We will cover: what body composition actually is, examples of body composition vs weight, how to track body composition, best ...
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This Is the Best Way To Think About Exercise Motivation

A killer strategy to make sure you don’t miss your workouts. When was the last time you had to motivate yourself to go to work? Or to take a shower? Go to the toilet? Yeah, that last one is a bit of a stretch I know. But I think I made my point. There are a lot of activities we do for which ...
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How To Use Hand Portions To Kickstart Your Weight Loss Efforts

I have always disregarded the most basic healthy eating advices. I’ve never been one to blindly follow the new trendy diets, but the same cannot be said for new studies or experiments. I would consume all news and books that claimed to have found a “better diet” or a way to improve our body ...
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running in the late afternoon

5 Questions To Know The Best Time to Workout

You might have read different articles that claimed that morning workouts are the best to lose weight, that your performance is better during the afternoon or that an evening workout is the best remedy to a good night's sleep. While these are not incorrect, they forget an important point that has to ...
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The Best Way To Think About New Year Resolutions

I love starting a new year. And even before that, I love finishing a year. the whole process of making December a cozy month with all the décor, celebrations, and hot chocolate mugs helps us relax and enjoy life after a year of hard work. Especially during the last weeks, those are the perfect time ...
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